A blip from the other side

Hello Dear MilspoFAN readers,

With the passing of Labor Day, Summer 2016 is now unofficially complete! For my family this has meant the addition of a new baby and a PCS move across the country. This week is the beginning of our newest normal. The boxes are unpacked and Mr. MilspoFAN is back at work. Firstborn child begins her new preschool in a few weeks, so for now it’s just me and the babes at home. As we settle into our new routines, explore our new home, and finish reorganizing our new house, I’m planning to continue my break from MilspoFAN until early October. Then I will start posting again more regularly and start really ramping up the network.

If anyone has any tips on artistic or milspo resources in the Kitsap county area of Washington, or anything you’d like to see shared with the MilspoFAN network from anywhere around the world, please let me know!

I hope you have all had an outstanding summer! Thanks for being loyal readers!


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