Our first work of art!

I had the wonderful opportunity to commission some artwork for the site from Carly Dilday, the daughter of a military family this summer. Carly has headed off to art school this fall to pursue her passion for illustration. She  was gracious enough to create some lovely illustrations for MilspoFAN before she left.

I’m excited to share them here with you and to get some actual artwork up on the blog.

Her pieces reflect both the challenge we face having a spouse far away, as well as the support and  creative energy that I know this network can generate.

A great big thank you to Carly and all the best of luck at art school!

If you are interested in contacting Carly about her work, you can reach her at: carlydilday@gmail.com

img_0728          img_0718img_0704

[p.s. I had this post written mostly yesterday, but then I heard a kerfuffle which turned out to be my daughter giving her teddy bear a bath! One thing led to another and I got majorly derailed, ha!]


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