“Mrs. Houdini” in ink!

Hello MilspoFANs, and Happy Thursday! 
I wanted to share an image with you that was created by the daughter of a military family who is in her first year of art school and still manages to make time to connect with MilspoFAN.
In this illustration, Carly Dilday responds to MilspoFAN’s recent interview with Victoria Kelly. Carly’s illustration was inspired by Bess Houdini – the central character of Victoria’s latest book Mrs. Houdini– waiting for her husband to contact her from the other side after his death.
You may recognize Carly’s style from a previous post full of MilspoFAN-themed images that she was kind enough to create to beautify the blog.
I hope that this artwork is only the befinning of a vibrant pool of work inspired by MilspoFAN members working together and inspiring each other.
A big thank you to Carly for sharing your response artwork with the MilspoFAN community!

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