Catching up with Maria Bennett Hock

It has been a year since I was featured on the Military Spouse Fine Art Network. Then I was working on a show to be hung at the historic Waterworks Art Museum in Miles City, Montana. It was a wonderful experience and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the site and getting to know such warm and inviting people.

This year I am working on a show for the Courthouse Art Museum in Clarksville, Tennessee. It will be this summer so I am busily painting to get a cohesive grouping to tell my stories. I am focusing on women again and have been inspired by “Rosie the Riveter”, the iconic symbol of women working in traditionally male jobs while the men were off fighting World Wars one and two. Their stories are amazing and we should be proud of all they accomplished.


I began by focusing on women who had been authentic Rosie’s, that is, they worked during World War two. I met them at the World War two memorial in Washington DC during an Honor flight. Once successful with the original women I then expanded my vision to include women of today who are breaking through barriers and living their dreams. I have a wide collection of bib overalls and colorful kerchiefs that I use to set the tone for the piece and then let the model’s personality shine through. Though most don’t like to brag about their accomplishments I try to coax their story out of them so I can write a narrative to accompany the piece. The series has been very successful and I hear from many women who can relate to the emotion projected. I love it when my artwork evokes an emotional response.


I am always trying to improve my work. I paint every day and study anatomy, color, and composition. I love learning and realize I have much to learn. As I did start this passionate endeavor late in life I feel an urgency to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can. As part of my learning regiment I continue my copying at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC through weekly visits to the area. Learning from great masters is such a privilege.

Painting, learning and growing as an artist and an individual are very important to me. My fondest hope is that I continue to grow and learn as long as I live.


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