Catching up with Nicole Dufield

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Check out Nicole Dufield’s November 2016 interview with MilspoFAN here.

I have been busy this past year.  This past year has been filled with testing of my health, figuring out a balance of work and family, working on our home and so much more.  I wish I could say it’s all been great.  But some of the struggles have helped me grow significantly.

I have continued to sing many weddings and funerals this past year.  Since my interview, we have had 30 funerals at St. Therese and I have had the honor of singing 28 out of the 30.  I have gotten to share my gift with people during their time of grief and have helped ease some of the sorrow.
I have also had the privilege of singing about 3-4 weddings this past year.  Two of which were family friends and I loved every second of getting to share my gift of music with couples in love!
My role as the Coordinator of Youth Ministry has significantly grown at my parish.  This past year I have started rebuilding a program which had been struggling for some time.  But through my gift of music and gift of working with youth, I have been able to heal some of those struggles.  My program isn’t huge, but we are building a new foundation that wasn’t as present when I took over last fall.
I had decided to pursue my masters, but after taking one class and beginning the reading required, quickly realized I was not cut out for that program.  Which wasn’t easy.  It’s not easy to admit “defeat”.  But I don’t think of it as defeat.  I think of it as an opportunity to learn about myself.  It gave me an opportunity to really think about what I want, what is important and what can be put on the back burner for now.
I truly love what I do.  I get to share my love of music all the time.  I get to work with teens and help shape the future.  I have 3 wonderful little girls that keep me on my toes.  I have an extremely supportive man in my life who will always back me.  Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, but it is good!

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