Catching Up with Maria Bennett Hock

This young woman works at the United States Senate in the Senate Armed Services Committee. The title is “The Future is Now” She has a nod to rosie the riveter in her red and white polka dot blouse.

It has been two years since my first Military Spouse Fine Art Network interview.  I continue to paint every day and constantly stretch the boundaries of my abilities.


I belong to a group of four mentor/friends that travel together and show our art at different venues.  We have been to Waterworks Art Museum in Miles City, Montana,  are currently showing at the courthouse Art Museum in Clarksville, Tennessee and are looking forward to a venue in Japan!  Travel is always a plus to getting these shows.

Along with showing my work I have been working on some pieces that are very personal.  I just finished a portrait of my brother, who is vision impaired.  I recently visited him in Chicago and as we walked around I noticed that people really don’t see him.  He has a white cane, dark glasses…he is 6 feet tall with a long gray beard and a bald head.  He is not a small person…but people bump into him and prevent him from walking on the sidewalk.  It was quite an awakening for me.  I painted a portrait of him and used braille dots in the background that read “you don’t see me.”  I feel it is a small thing, but a way I can convey my feelings.  I love using my artwork to tell a story or help me promote a cause.


On a lighter note, I have been continuing my Rosie the Riveter series that shows women in non-traditional roles.  I was able to interview and do a photo shoot with a young woman who works at the United States Senate in the Senate Armed Services Committee.  She is really making a mark on the world and I am proud that she is paving the way for future generations.  I am always looking for women willing to contribute to this series.

I love working in series of paintings, some of my favorites include the “Salute” series which shows veterans of our armed services, most of them long retired, saluting.  I ask them to salute and I can see their backs straighten and they get that glint of pride in their eyes.  I snap a picture and then try to learn a little about their story. My military spouse series is always at the forefront of my mind.  I love showing the life of a military spouse with all its trials and tribulations…joys and excitement.  It is one of my favorite series.   I have a series of Kimono paintings since I have been fortunate to travel to Japan and purchase some beautiful Kimonos.  Those paintings make me happy and celebrate the beauty and gracefulness of the fabric.  I am a hat lover and I have a wonderful collection that I paint when I want to warm up and practice.


I continue to paint as often as I can…ideally every day.  I attend open studios where I can paint from life and I hire models to come in and pose for me for specific projects.


My life is full and I feel fulfilled.  My goals are to continue what I am doing and find venues that will showcase my military themed paintings.


I am forever grateful to the Military Spouse Fine Art Network for their continued interest in my work.


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