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Hi, everyone! I’m excited and honored to be asked for an updated interview!


Since my interview in June 2017 I have unfortunately traveled a lot less. It’s so much harder and more expensive in and from the US than Europe, but I try to do local or regional events as they come up, and get out of town if even for a local “stay-cation” for a day or two. I did that this weekend in Colonial Williamsburg, actually.

Professional Showings

Although I am traveling less, I am doing significantly more professional photographic work than ever! I participated in several local art exhibitions. The most recent and most prestigious one was at the D’Art Center in Virginia Beach where two of my works were accepted, exhibited, and sold! It was a wonderful experience and I hope to do it again soon.

The Norfolk Zinefest is coming up in September and I had one of my film images featured in Analogue Lab + Studio’s  local “Zine” and I’m hoping to participate in whatever way I can this year! The things they are doing for Vintage and Film photography in the community is extraordinary!

Lifestyle Photography

When I’m not looking for excuses to travel and making Fine Art photography, my business Shields Photography is still serving Hampton Roads customizing photography sessions for couples, kids, families, high school, seniors, etc. I like to get creative with portraits. I’ll play with light and exposure, use prisms for some fun reflections, or maybe do a themed shoot.

Prints in Press

Last summer, The Virginia Beach Surf and Rescue Museum asked me to help them with some marketing photos for their Ghost Walks. They dressed the part and I made them into “spirits” for the images with some light and exposure tricks! *wink, wink* The plan is to create some more for them this summer. I love bringing ideas to life!

I also started working as a photographer for an Army contractor on the Fort Eustis base in Newport News, VA photographing military events and official Army studio photos. It’s fun, but there’s a lot involved with it.

I still work with Navy MWR and, in addition to my regular job there, I do some photography work for their special events.

On the Horizon

As if my life isn’t crazy enough, I’ve been accepted to Old Dominion University’s Fine Arts Program for Photography and Print Media and I start there in the Fall. I love to soak up every ounce of knowledge and experience that comes with photography. I’ve been studying at Tidewater Community College for awhile now and have loved immersing myself in everything art from Art History, to History of Photography, Fundamentals of Art and Design, Drawing, Advanced Photography, Printmaking, etc. It’s my craft and I am striving to be a better, more well-rounded artist. I don’t want to just click a button, but truly create art and have a more in-depth knowledge of anything that could possibly be related to it.

Personal Note

It’s so easy to pretend that everything is perfect and going as planned, but life isn’t always pretty. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs in our personal lives this past year. More downs than ups it has seemed at times…accidents, loss of close friends and family, and the loss of two of our dogs, which seems to be a wound that never fully heals. Through it all, it’s my husband who lifts me up and my photography that keeps me grounded and I hope everyone can find those things in their lives.

It’s been a wild ride these past two years, and most of the time I feel like I’m just hanging on to see where this thing takes me next!

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