Catching Up with Drama Instructor / Music Teacher Katelyn Spinoza

What have I been up to this past year since my interview? So much!

I have successfully taught Voice, Acting & The Business of the Arts at Strike It Up Artistic Center for the last year and have helped aspiring singers/actors develop their skills for auditions, competitions, college theatre programs and even how to navigate the business when you’re just starting out as a performer.

We’ve gone over what it’s like to create an acting resume, cover letter and even building your own website. We’ve also discussed agents, managers, casting directors, and auditions regionally as well as nationally.

I’ve set up master classes with local models, actors and even photographers to help the students learn and be exposed to different skills and careers in the performing arts.

As my career goes, I’ve been busy creating more content on my social media pages and working on getting back into the studio to record. I plan to travel to NYC in the next month to work on set, take classes, and go to major auditions.

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