Catching up with Carrie Cassidy

Since I last shared with MilSpouse Fine Arts Network, we have had so many changes. We moved our family from North Carolina to New Mexico, which has been a big adjustment. We really enjoy New Mexico: good food, good skiing and day spas are in abundance. Our little ones took quite a bit of time adjusting, however. It has been a few months and now they seem to be getting into the normal swing of things.

Searching for dance opportunities began before I left North Carolina.  There are so many great schools here in Albuquerque and had to try out several before finding a new “dance home” with the New Mexico Ballet Company. I attended their week-long summer intensive taught by Tyler Angle from New York City Ballet and had an amazing experience. He challenged my brain and body to work with a different perspective on movement and I was able to change the way I approached taking class. Here at NMBC, I have really enjoyed the chance to train along side some beautiful professional dancers. They set the bar high for me and I am eager to work hard to meet expectations.

In addition to my ballet training, I joined an organization called ArtEmotion where I help facilitate and promote master classes in different cities for adult dancers. ArtEmotion provides opportunities for adults of all ability levels, which is why I really enjoy being a part of their organization. The adult ballet community is really growing strong and I just love being in contact with other dancers out there like myself. I plan on being at their summer intensive next June in Salt Lake City, UT and really getting to connect with even more adult dancers.

Going out to fly in the T-41C

Despite having fantastic opportunities in the ballet world in Albuquerque, I have put performing aside this season to dust off some old interests of mine. I am finally going to finish my private pilots license. Since leaving the military and having my final flight in the MC-130P in January 2015, I felt like there was just something missing. I kept having conversations with old flying buddies about those crazy days. Then it dawned on me: I needed to get back in the air. So as soon as we got settled, I wandered over to the local aero club and they had me going a few weeks later. It has been exciting to dust off some old ambitions. Thanks again MilSpouse FAN for taking an interest in my small slice of the world. You are all fantastic and if you keep getting that little tug in your brain to try something you’ve always wanted to….do it! 

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