Catching up with Roxanne Steed

Has this COVID year changed you?

Hi everyone! Has this been a weirdly memorable year or what? I really thought that pandemics were only things your granny hinted at quietly, too awful to recall and speak of out loud. And here we are in the middle of one. I for one am looking forward to the reality of a vaccine when that day comes.

As a teaching artist, I really LOVE my work. Pre-COVID, I taught series of classes in my studio at home as well as travel workshops abroad.
Last year, June 2019 was the best month of my life up to that point. I spent the entire month in France teaching two back-to-back painting workshops, with five days in between for some travel time on my own. I had plans to teach in Italy this September (2020), but have postponed this trip until April/May 2021.

Back in March of this year when it was apparent this was not just a local problem, but a world-wide one, our state of Connecticut start shutting down everything. I knew I could no longer host classes here inside my studio. I was two weeks into a six-week series and didn’t want to break up this group. So- I went online. The following week I tried teaching with Facebook Live and it was not a great experience. But the week after that we went on Zoom, and it’s been great ever since!
I’ve hosted several more series since then, all on Zoom, and I’ll continue to do this. My classes have grown with other members outside my local area. In fact, now I have students from across the entire United States.
Funny thing, I had been wanting to do this for the past five years, but had been too chicken to start. But when I HAD to make the leap, (or lose my class), I did it, and we all are happy for it!! Best decision ever!

When I had to postpone my Italy workshop, I decided to host an online “Armchair to Italy” sketchbook class. Currently, I’m teaching a “Summer Flowers in Watercolor” class. This fall, I’ll launch my
“Beginnings in Watercolor Sketchbook” class. So, if you’re looking for a way to have fun and get started in this beautiful medium, this is the place for you!

This COVID ‘lockdown’ time has been busier than ever for me, growing my classes, launching a new collection of paintings (the Zenscapes series) later this August, and some other new offerings as well. In the middle of all the suffering, art has truly been a refuge for me (and my students, too) and a place I hope I can share with you. Won’t you join me?

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