Catching up with Kellie Brummerstedt

Kellie dancing on a tree-lined path

This year has been filled with so many changes, some expected and some unexpected. Since my 2019 interview, my husband and I PCS’ed to Charleston, SC after a 7.5-month deployment that seemed to go on forever.

I had to relearn everything once more on how to navigate a new environment which is hard to do normally and with the pandemic it took a little extra time to reestablish my dance career. I have been taking online dance classes and decided to pursue a more fitness side to my dance teaching.

Kellie in fitness gear curling dumbbells

I am officially an ACE certified group fitness Instructor and I am teaching spin classes here in Charleston. In addition to this, I am taking dance classes at a local studio and am a part of a performance group, so I am rehearsing for that as well.

Even though this year was difficult (especially for those who are in the arts) I found alternate ways to move my body that I probably wouldn’t have discovered otherwise and for that I am grateful. Our health and bodies are a gift and I don’t intend on taking that for granted! 

Kellie dancing on a tree-lined path

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