Catching up with Ashley Patricelli

The city living was not for us, none of my family was happy. We found a small mountain town three hours away from Las Vegas that is just perfect. We are in a small community in the mountains, surrounded by cows, mountains, and springs. I feel like I can breathe here. The only problem is I don’t have an art outlet close by. 

I had already secured my gallery spot in the Art Factory in Las Vegas before we moved. Covid happened and the First Friday art events have been shut down since early last summer. My paintings are back at my house now. I am going to see who is in charge of the local farmer’s market and ask if crafters/artists can sell their things on the first Saturday of every month. I am not sure how it will work out. I plan on checking out the southern Utah area to see what art opportunities I can find there. For the last year, I have really relied on my Facebook page to sell paintings. Mailing them to people all around the world has been a blessing.

My studio is a little room in my house that is awkwardly shaped. We can’t quite figure out what to do with it, so right now it’s my art space and storage space. But I have never been attached to a studio. I can do my art about anywhere

“The Jabberwockey” I have always loved children’s fiction, it’s a place I can go to discover new worlds that don’t involve the heaviness of some of the things we experience as adults and parents, especially in today’s world.

“Munnin” I also like learning about different cultures and their folklore. This one represents a story that I read from Viking folklore.

This one portrays a Viking goddess Hel, whose story was very interesting to read (I won’t spoil it for you)

This one was inspired by more children’s stories. I love the colors. My husband spread the linen canvas on a frame that he made and I forgot that canvases from the store come coated already. So the colors just soaked right into the canvas instead of spreading like they usually do. That mistake gave it a nice quality though, a uniqueness. That is how I’ve learned a lot in my art journey, by making mistakes and just playing with the tools in front of me.

This one is inspired by Tim Burton, whose movies I love.

These three (pandemic, virus control, and sanitize) were inspired by our current reality of new rules regarding the corona virus and the conspiracy theories that go with them.

This one portrays the fact that previous generations have left a wounded world to their futures. We have to make the choice if we are going to do the same to our children, or work on healing things.

This is one of my favorites. I titled it “Wonder Drug” It has an acrylic background but the actual lady drawing is all done in oil pastel. I love the textures that it created. It represents how our generation and the one before us has really come to depend on pharmaceutical drugs for everything. I think we as a group need to stop and do our own research on this topic instead of just accepting the fact that our parents did this so it’s ok. Drugs from pharmacies are still drugs. I think that statement should cause anyone to think twice about what they will do long term to our health. 

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