Catching Up with A.C. Williams

One year ago, I was given the opportunity to share my truth and experiences with a group of people that I didn’t know I belonged to. These people were military spouses that had a niche, love, passion, or whatever you want to label it for their own special art.

I am a dancer. In the dance world, I’m considered a late bloomer. Most dancers start dancing at a younger age than high school, maybe that’s why I lost my way for so long. Whatever the case maybe I found my way back, and I have come with a vengeance if I do say so myself!

Since my last interview, a lot of things have changed. COVID-19 completely shut the business down and my attempts to pivot our services via an online community was not widely accepted as anticipated. However, that time spent at home gave me the momentum needed to spring forward into a space I did not foresee for myself or my studio.

I spent the entire stay at home order taking certification classes to better market myself. I invested money I didn’t have to create systems for my business to be more automated, accessible, and user-friendly. I bought merchandise, that I had no idea if I’d sell or not. I hired an extra instructor not knowing if I’d be able to pay her and if/when she’d be able to start. Honestly, I did what felt right to keep from going insane. 

I say all of this to say, sometimes jumping into the deep end of the pool while not knowing how to swim is the only way you’ll learn. The past 10 months have been going progressively well for Access to Motion Dance Co. and I am proud to say I am successfully doing a doggy paddle in these unchartered waters.

Operating on a military base gave us an advantage. We were able to reopen our doors and conduct in-person classes in October 2020. Since we have produced a winter showcase and full production spring recital for our dancers; as well as a dance camp we just closed out in late July. Our enrollment continues to grow with each season, and our community is starting to receive us with open arms.

Currently, we are actively doing our part to give back to the community, offering our services free of charge to the neighboring school systems.  Yes, I am a business owner, and my goal is creating revenue, however, I am an educator first. My purpose in life has always been the same, leave this earth knowing that I have made a difference in the lives of students I am blessed to encounter. Besides, what good is having a talent, that you refuse to share?

 I now have an amazing team to help run the business, as much as I tried, I realized I can’t do it all alone. We are in the process of bidding for new bases to pick up our youth program, the goal is to have 4 new programs by the end of 2022. We are in a trial phase gauging the popularity of an adult wellness program with the hope to successfully launch on our flagship installation mid-2022. With the 2nd full dance season on the horizon, I am grateful for the headaches, the late-night cries, and the constant question of “Who told me to start this business?” (Which my husband always replies with “um you did” lol). It has been a Goliath roller-coaster type of year, but I made it. I have been, lost and confused every step of the way, only to come out knowledgeable and confident. I anticipate 2022 being a great year for us. It is my hope that Access to Motion Dance Co. will be a staple in our military community, to share love in what can be a sometimes-lonely environment.

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