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As creatives, one of the easiest things in the world is to devalue ourselves. Whether you define it as “imposter syndrome,” do not think your talents are worth what you charge, or simply cannot imagine anyone finding value in your art, it is something so many artists fight; especially when it comes to pricing. 

So, here are a few tips to help win the battle of self-doubt and to charge what you’re worth!

1: Never impose your budget on your prospective clients.

Just because you might never spend a lot of money on the artwork you produce, does not mean no one will! Since you created it, it can be difficult to find inherent value in the thing you were able to produce from literally nothing! However, to your clients, your work is something they could never do on their own and something they are often willing to pay dearly for, since art stirs people’s souls. Never forget–Your personal budget does not determine anyone else’s.

2: Stop discounting your hard work, expertise, and investment. 

Another trap that is easy to fall into as artists, is to undercharge by a lot! It is easy to forget all the hours spent on a creation, all the money that went into buying the tools, and all the time invested in studying your craft to perfect it. Your work and effort deserves to be compensated. Make sure you keep track of all the details that went into creating your work, so you can find a rate that will give you a wage that speaks to your expertise. 

3: Listen to those around you!

When the people in your life give you compliments, take them to heart! Listen and truly hear the encouragement coming your way. This will go a long way to helping you believe in yourself and help you feel comfortable charging what you are worth. As artists, it is in our nature to always aim to do better, create more, to top our last effort… However, this can be a blessing and a curse. We need to make sure to appreciate each creation and to find the value in everything we produce, while still maintaining the spark that tells us what can be better next time. Be sure to enjoy the journey and to rest along the way in the sweet words that can sustain you through a dry spell. Believing in yourself as much as those around you do will negate any thoughts around charging too little, or feeling like an imposter. 

4: Never lose that spark.

We all have something that drew us to our medium… Something that compelled us and inspired us… Anytime you are starting to lose sight of that, take a break. Whether it be long or short, take some time to find new inspiration. As a photographer, who takes a lot of clients each year, I make sure to schedule time where I do not have any client sessions, and I plan out a creative session where I can play with some ideas I have had floating around my head… It helps me to come back to my paid work with a renewed spirit and a stronger sense of what I want to capture and create with my clients!

Also–Never forget: Getting to create art is a gift and your individual talent is one that the world needs! 

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