Catching up with Atalante Shay

Can you believe it’s been a couple of years since your interview on the MilspoFAN blog?
Wow, no, I can’t believe it…

 Since my last post, I have landed a new art job, and it seems that, finally, my art has taken off!

 First, a little about me: I was born to immigrant parents and spent my childhood in Hyattsville, Maryland. From a very early age, I always had a crayon or paintbrush in my little hand, and I was either drawing or painting every waking moment.

I attended the Washington Waldorf School from Kindergarten until 9th grade. It was at WWS that my artistic abilities began to take shape. Next, I attended my local public high school- Northwestern HS, where I completed AP art courses, thanks to my high school art teacher.

Finally, I continued my visual arts studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, graduating with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking! 

Fast forward to the present day, I am navigating my new job as a guest artist/social media person for the Anne Arundel Public School System arts magnet program. I’m still learning all the ins and outs of this job, but I finally feel I have found my ideal position! I’m also riding high after landing an art show through Annapolis Arts Alliance and Art in Public Places in Annapolis.

Being surrounded by all this art when I am at work and being a board member of Annapolis Art Alliance has impacted my artwork positively. I am more confident trying different techniques, combining various mediums like pen and acrylic paints, or adding techniques to my paintings. I have learned to explore and experiment with other materials and mediums, and it’s just so much fun! I absolutely love being surrounded by fellow artists and art; it fills my soul! 

Looking toward the future, I am excited to grow and learn over the next year in my new job. I am also excited about putting my artwork in more public places around Annapolis, Maryland!

Make sure to follow me on Instagram at @atalanteshay 

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