Catching up with Jennifer Geletzke

We PCS’ed from Hawaii to Virginia last Summer and our lives changed a lot.  My husband is gone more often than he was in Hawaii and I began homeschooling our children two days a week.  I am also teaching 4th-8th grade art at my children’s school.  The pace of life is faster here and my time to create has become very limited. 

Each time we move, my practice takes a backseat and my work shifts in various ways.  This move was especially jarring to my practice.  I have had to go through the mourning process of losing my Hawaiian inspiration and I am still working to figure out what my work will look like here. Location changes and motherhood cause my creative practice and business growth to be less linear than I would like.  This is okay. I will spiral back around. I spend a lot of time here making things in my head and experimenting.  It doesn’t look like a successful practice, but I know that even these little things count and accumulate over time.  

My goal for this year is to keep one day a week clear to spend in the studio.  I am currently working to finish a series of paintings that I began in Hawaii.  I have also been experimenting with color, an area where I have always struggled.  It has been fun to just play and see what colors I can make or match colors that I find on a color walk.  Outside of my art practice, I am a quilter.  Some of my current experiments are exploring ways to bring textiles into my artwork in a way that feels genuine.  While my practice might have taken a back seat, I know it will be there when things open up a bit for me. 

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