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Although the pandemic sent my writing into a dry spell, I’ve been productive in other ways. I continue to volunteer with MilspoFAN, which has been wonderful because I love feeling connected to other mil-spouse artists. I also continue to serve as a poetry editor with Inklette Magazine. Not generating new poems gave me ample time to revise and organize previously written poems. I compiled three manuscripts: Forces was published by Middle West Press in the fall of 2021, and the other two manuscripts are looking for homes.

Recently, I had some more exciting news from Middle West Press. Editor & Publisher Randy Brown, author of several collections including So Frag & So Bold,  invited me to join them as an associate editor. I’m beside myself with excitement! I love Middle West Press because they took care of my poems with such respect when they published Permanent Change of Station (2018) and Forces (2021), and so it was quite the honor to be asked to join the team. My first project with Middle West Press is co-editing an anthology with the theme of items worn/used/carried in military service (i.e. uniforms, ball gowns, souvenirs from balls, parachutes, etc.). Service members, veterans, and dependents are invited to submit poems and/or micro-prose (fiction or non-fiction) via Submittable. Submissions close on May 2, 2023. Middle West Press is also accepting full-length poetry collections along the theme of military service (service members and dependents welcome).

Randy Brown and I were both recently interviewed for a podcast by Dr. Circe Olson Woessner who is curator of the Museum of the American Military Family. The museum is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit and is located in Tijeras, New Mexico. Circe Olson Woessner is a mil-spouse/mil-mother/curator/poet, and so we talk about our experiences of being in military families and about our writing. You can listen to the podcast here

I’m also happy to share that novelist/mil-spouse Andria Williams, author of The Longest Night (Random House), has brought the Military Spouse Book Review out of hiatus. (Read Andira’s MilspoFAN interview) The site offers reviews of books that may or may not be military or war-related, but all of the reviews are written by mil-spouses. Andria had stepped away from the blog to serve as an editor for The Wrath-Bearing Tree, but has kicked off the reboot of the Military Spouse Book Review with an homage to recently published Middle West Press books. I will definitely be contributing some book reviews in the near future.

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